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Hydraulic Bench, Volumetric

Hydraulic Bench, Volumetric
FM 100

This base unit provides water supply and volumetric measurement to other experimental accessories. Molded fiberglass bench-top into an open channel and measuring tank with space for mounting accessories. Fiberglass main storage tank with drain valve. Circulating pump. Stepped measuring tank for measurement of both high and low flow rates. Level indicators for water level in open channel and measuring tank. Bull's eye level for correct level reading. Variable area flow meter (optional). Bench mounted on sturdy lockable wheels.
Optional accessories:

  • Dead Weight Pressure Tester
  • Hydrostatic Pressure apparatus (3 types)
  • Flow Over a Notch apparatus
  • Metacentric Height apparatus
  • Bernouilli's Theorem apparatus
  • Flow Meter apparatus
  • Pipe Friction apparatus
  • Bends & Fittings apparatus
  • Impact of a Jet apparatus
  • Flow Through An Orifice apparatus
  • Free & Forced Vortex apparatus (2 Types)
  • Osborne Reynolds apparatus
  • Mini-flow apparatus
  • Pressure measurement apparatus